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Payment Protection

North Georgia Credit Union offers Credit Life and Disability Insurance through Cherokee National Life Insurance Company.

If you cannot pay off your loans, who will?

Your answers to these questions are important. The financial security you’ve worked so hard to acquire is constantly threatened by the risk of disability or death.

In spite of our best efforts to prevent them, accidents and illnesses do occur. When a serious accident or sickness strikes, financial hardship often results.

And that’s why credit insurance is so important. Today, credit insurance is part of any well-rounded insurance program. In these turbulent financial times, it has become more important than ever to protect the financial well-being you and your loved ones now enjoy. And credit disability and life insurance protection is designed to help relieve your family from the responsibility of caring for your financial obligations in the event of a disability or death.

Take a moment now to consider Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance. This coverage can give you peace of mind knowing you’ve helped protect your family from having to assume your loan payments should something happen to you.

“Peace of mind” protection

Credit Disability insurance provides funds to help make your regular loan installments in the event a covered illness or injury keeps you from working.

Credit Life insurance provides benefits to help pay off your loan should you die before completing your payments. Single or joint insurance is available to help protect your family against the financial burden of paying off your loan after your death.

Credit insurance benefits are payable up to the maximum benefit amount which will be shown on the policy or Certificate of Insurance you will receive when your coverage becomes effective.


Most borrowers are eligible to apply for this coverage.

Attractive premium rates

This valuable protection is available to you at attractive rates through your financial institution. The exact cost for Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance tailored to your needs will be quoted when you apply for coverage.

Convenient premium payment

You pay no money when you apply for coverage. For your convenience, premiums will be automatically added to your loan payments. You have no premium due dates to remember…or forget.

Important coverage for you…and your loved ones. While you may have some life or disability insurance, there’s a good chance that the effects of inflation may have made your existing coverage inadequate. U.S. Consumer Price Index statistics show that in the last 10 years, the purchasing power of your dollar has declined by nearly 50%. And inflation has had the same effect on each dollar of insurance you have.

What’s more, your changing needs and increased financial obligations have a tremendous effect on the need for additional coverage to protect the financial security you’ve planned for yourself and your family.

Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance provide the kind of coverage needed to help protect your family from having to meet one of your important obligation – your loan – should you become disabled or die before completing payments.

Confinement not required

You do not have to be confined to bed or a hospital to receive disability benefits.

Benefits paid regardless of other insurance

Credit Disability Insurance benefits are payable regardless of any other insurance, workmen’s compensation or sick leave you may have.

It’s easy to apply

Ask about and apply for Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance at your financial institution. You’ll receive information on the benefits, conditions of coverage and rates for these remarkably affordable plans of protection.

You can apply for credit insurance when you sign up for your loan.

Read your policy carefully

When your coverage becomes effective, you’ll receive a policy (or Certificate of Insurance) which sets forth in detail all the rights and obligations of you and the Insurance Company. When you receive your policy (or certificate), please read it carefully.

Credit Insurance

…important coverage to help protect the financial well-being you’ve planned for yourself and your family should you die or become disabled and unable to work.